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Apologize in advance to everyone for everything

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EXIT T-shirt

Be prepared for any emergency in this alarming red tshirt. Is it a command, a warning, or an urgent request?

Pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey, 6 oz, available in S, M, L, XL to 5XL.

$24.95, $3 shipping (to US only)
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Specify size in notes when ordering.





Classic Bookends

Inspired by an architectural corbel, these stylish bookends are crafted from hand-cast cement and a 1/4" plate of hot-rolled steel.

The heaviest coffee-table volumes will be held firmly in place by these solid sculptural works.

Add a vintage touch to your bookshelves.

8" h x 5" w x 5" d. 5 lbs each.


$65 a pair plus $20 shipping (to US only).



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House Bookends

These heavy-duty, industrial-style bookends are built from hand-cast cement and a 1/4" plate of hot-rolled steel.

The solid-cement cast means these architectural structures will hold the heaviest coffee-table volumes in place.

7" h x 5" w x 5" d. 3 lbs each.


$65 a pair plus $20 shipping (to US only).


Paper Wad Paperweight

This aluminum sculpture also functions as a paperweight—hold down your important documents with this crumpled wad of faux xerox paper.

Each piece is a unique, hand-crafted creation.

Aluminum, 4" x 4 x 4", l/2 lb.


$35 plus $15 shipping (to US only).


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MAP ICON lapel pin

Take this "You Are Here" Map Icon with you for a Zen vibe. You are wherever you are with this map pointer styled in bold red resin or handsome gloss black ceramic.

3" h x 1.75" w, with locking clasp on back.

Gloss black ceramic: $18, $2 shipping
(to US only)
Red resin: $18, $2 shipping (to US only)
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.




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Lightbulb Candle

An original sculpture that's also functional,the Lightbulb Candle is made of premium wax, with a base of cast resin.

Each piece is hand-cast, with one-of-a-kind surfance variations.

Wax, wick, resin, 7" x 4.5" x 4.5", 2 lbs.


$65 plus $20 shipping (to US only).



EXIT Table Lamp

Fashioned from red-enamel letters on 1/4-inch frosted glass, atop a sleek chrome base, this faux EXIT sign functions as an accent lamp with a 15-watt fluorescent lamp.

Does the sign function as a command, warning or urgent request? It's up to the viewer to decide what this intriguing sculpture means.

Frosted glass, chrome, fluorescent fixture, 14" x 16" x 2", 5 lbs.


$375 plus $25 shipping (to US only).





Computer-Mouse Soap

An original piece of sculpture, this novel bar of soap in the shape of a computer mouse fits comfortably in the hand. Use it as a refreshing cleanser or display it as a unique work of art! Made from 99.5% glycerin and pure double-distilled coconut oil, both the green and frost bars are translucent to softly catch the light. (6 oz, 5" x 2.5" x 1.5".)

The green color is delicately scented with Aloe Vera & Cucumber Fragrance: a comforting blend of crisp, cool cucumbers, green aloe and a touch of fresh citrus that is light as a summer breeze.

The frost color has an intriguing scent of Indian Sandalwood: a warm, sweet, rich, woodsy fragrance.



$5.75 plus $2.75 shipping (to US only).





Wave Glass and Coasters

Custom laser-etched with an image of waves, this pint glass brings the feel of the ocean in its delicately textured surface. Just under 6 inches tall, the sturdy Libby glassware holds a full 16 oz.

The Wave Glass is accompanied by a set of 4 glass coasters, each imprinted with a different wave pattern using a sublimated-dye process.

The Wave Glass and Coasters is a unique, artist-designed set of glassware that will enhance your table setting with a special touch.

2 glasses: $35
4 glasses: $60

8 glasses: $100
(Plus $10 shipping to US only)

Set of 4 coasters: $35
(Plus $10 shipping to US only)

4 glasses and set of 4 coasters: $95
(Plus $10 shipping to US only)





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Insomnia Pillow

On these embroidered linen pillows, questions arise about the nature of sleep and the quality of solitude:

- Whose Shadow Has Trailed You Home?
- Why Is Sleep Still Here?
- Which House, Silent, Surrounds You?
- Who Listens For The Faintest Echo
- What Is The Dark Jealous Of?

- How Many Nights Refuse To Answer You?
- In The Early Hours, What Lies Ahead?

Gray thread embroidered on gray linen, 12" x 16" x 5".


$95 each plus $12 shipping (to US only).
In PayPal under Notes, indicate which text.



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Get the most out of your public messages! Display these bold signs proudly on your wall, in the yard, or indoors as a stand-alone piece of verbal sculpture.

Are the messages in FLASH BANG warnings or helpful directions? An anonymous cultural critique or distillation of violence? Should we head toward them or run away?

These eye-catching yellow-and-black signs on sturdy corrugated plastic hold up in all kinds of weather.

Double-sided, with messages that flip on the reverse side, FLASH BANG signs may be mounted on the wall, displayed in the yard using a 3'-high metal stand that inserts in the ground, or this stand may be used indoors with a custom aluminum base. (12 "x 2" x .75").


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