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OOPS is available using PayPal or credit card. $4.95 plus $.99 shipping. 20 pages, 2.5 x 3.5 ", pocket size.

In this special mini-edition, reminiscent of a palm-sized prayer book, Brit-Brit with her fast life and hard times is viewed as victim and savior, as a cultural icon and skewed lens on America's media craziness.


HERE'S TO A fresh start.
To the strands of your cut-off hair
auctioned on e-Bay.

To the two tattoos--
one on your wrist, one on your hip--
from Body and Soul.

May your flesh and spirit be cleansed.


LET THE VOWS , made at 5:30 a.m.
in a Vegas chapel,
be annulled.

Annul all incompatible desires.

Annul the thing
that's wild, that wants to do something
crazy, for the hell of it

in the lit-up middle of the night.


for Britney: another paparazzi
hit and run, another

custody battle with Fed-Ex.
Not even the judge
knows where the kids are any more.

But this is just the present.

As always, the present
is mere seconds-- seconds! --from
slipping into the past.


MAY WE LIVE in epic times.
Violent, chaotic, ugly, elemental.
A long body-count

of tornadoes and floods and bombs and shootings.
How many news cycles
can anyone take? Britney, help us

wake from this nightmare.
Protect us from the snares of the selfish.


DEFEND US IN battle.
Stand with us against the police who arrive
suddenly at our door.

Defend us against wickedness.
May the spokespeople and media moguls
be thrust into the pit

with those who prowl the world
to ruin souls.