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Written over the winter of 2016 and spring of 2017 in response to the presidential election and its aftermath, AMERICA HURRAH is a chronicle of a country in upheaval, while touching base on day-to-day life and cultural hotspots such as Star Wars.

It covers the whole territory of Trump’s first 100 days—from Bannon as Cromwell to alt-right rumors about a pizzeria to immigrants stranded in airports, as well as hearing directly from key figures such as Kellyanne, Donald Jr. and an internet troll—and tries to make sense of it all.

96 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover with dust jacket, $20. Available from

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Shock. Shock. Disbelief turns to anger as the clock

Runs out. Any talk

Evaporates in the acrid air

Of tear-gas fumes. Trash cans smash through storefronts in the glare

Of burning cop cars.

The party’s over, folks. The corner bars

Go silent. The big TV in the living room

In the eerie a.m.

Sits stunned, alone, as states bleed red and more red.

Where’s a tourniquet? Feeling’s dead.

On the news, a woman says it’s like giving birth

To a baby you know will be stillborn. Our loss isn’t worth

The tears to cry.

When something happens that was never supposed to, why

Is almost an insult.

No one cares. No one cares. Every sane adult

Stares at the kitchen wall

In the morning, hung over, wishing it all

Was a bad dream. Now eat your pancake.

For hours, everyone’s been wide awake, too awake.