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Written over the winter of 2016 and spring of 2017 in response to the presidential election and its aftermath, AMERICA HURRAH is a chronicle of a country in upheaval, while touching base on day-to-day life and cultural hotspots such as Star Wars.

It covers the whole territory of Trump’s first 100 days—from Bannon as Cromwell to alt-right rumors about a pizzeria to immigrants stranded in airports, as well as hearing directly from key figures such as Kellyanne, Donald Jr. and an internet troll—and tries to make sense of it all.

96 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover with dust jacket, $20. Available from

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AMERICAN GOTHIC picks up on Day One of the Trump administration, where just like a car wreck it's hard to look away. These eight sonnet-like poems try to keep up with "each new disaster," while keeping tabs on personal life as well as cultural hotspots such as the movie Lego Batman: "Does Gotham City, after crisis upon crisis, suffer/ an outrage fatigue?"

16 pages, 6" x 8", $7.50. Available from





Dark and sardonic, ANNUS HORRIBILIS is a chapbook of nine, sonnet-like poems that follow the 2016 election, inauguration and aftermath in real time.

12 pages, 6" x 8", $7.50. Available from





In Passing

Written over the course of a year, the poems of   "In Passing" capture details of daily life, small moments that pass by fleetingly.

Available using PayPal or credit card. $9.99 plus $.99 shipping. 35 pages, 6 x 9 ".




Filled with comic remorse, the anti-hero in these poetic apologies tries to come clean
for almost everything: Las Vegas, modern art,
partying, the millennium, nostalgia—not to mention books, happiness, politics,
and even sleeping.

Available using PayPal or credit card. Each book in the series of three is $7 plus $.99 shipping. 20 pp, 2.5" x 3.5 ".
Boxed set of all three: $18.


Offering an antidote to a bright future, THINK THE WORST gives us "Tales of the Catastrophist": the black-comedy musings of an unlucky, unworthy survivor of the 21st century.

Available using PayPal or credit card. $4.95 plus $.99 shipping. 22 pages, 2.5 x 3.5", pocket size, three color illustrations.



In this special mini-edition, reminiscent of a palm-sized prayer book, Brit-Brit with her fast life and hard times is viewed as victim and savior, as a cultural icon and skewed lens on America's media craziness.

Available using PayPal or credit card. $4.95 plus $.99 shipping. 20 pages, 2.5 x 3.5", pocket size.



As Marx queried, What is to be done?

In poems that range from melancholic to mocking,

THE BIG BOOK OF WHY tries to answer some of the 21st century's looming questions by rummaging through cultural detritus for clues.

Weighing in are a Detroit body-bagger, Robert DeNiro's housekeeper, and Adela Legaretta Rivas, "struck by a white Datsun one morning in April"--as well as a motley cast including hapless candidates, apartment dwellers, and
aria-singing subway riders.


potato chips
for dinner

collected poems
1984 - 2004



Say a potato chip truck overturns, spilling bags
of chips
across the highway.

Some drivers stop to guiltily pick up a few, smiling:

Potato chips for dinner.

How many of them will wake
in the middle of the night
and go into the living room
to sit and stare, wondering

if the darkened house has somehow changed its axis?



Gary Duehr has taught poetry and writing for institutions including Boston University, Lesley University, and Tufts University. His MFA is from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop.

In 2001 he received an NEA Poetry Fellowship, and he has also received grants and fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the LEF Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Journals in which his poems have appeared include Agni, American Literary Review, Chiron Review, Cottonwood, Hawaii Review, Hotel Amerika, Iowa Review, North American Review, and Southern Poetry Review.

His books of poetry include SORRY (Grisaille Press, 2012), In Passing (Grisaille Press, 2011), THE BIG BOOK OF WHY (Cobble Hill Books, 2008), Potato Chips for Dinner (Cobble Hill Books, 2004), Beautiful Bullets (Cobble Hill Books, 2003), Winter Light (Four Way Books, 1999) and Where Everyone Is Going To (St. Andrews College Press, 1999).

He has also published the chapbooks Think the Worst (Cobble Hill Books 2009), Oops (Cobble Hill Books 2008), Connie Stevens Is Flying Over the Pacific Ocean (Pudding House, 2002), In the Bar Apocalypse Now (Ibbetson Street Press, 2002), and Between Things (Pudding House, 2000).


His poetry books are available from Printed Matter, New York; Grolier Poetry Book Shop in Harvard Square, Cambridge; Porter Square Books in Porter Square, Somerville; and from the author at 9 Oliver Street, Somerville, MA 02145. Prices include shipping.

The following books are also available from

Winter Light (63 pp.), $12.95.

Where Everyone Is Going To (53 pp.), $11.00.

Between Things (28 pp.), $8.95.