gary duehr

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These extended-frame color photographs try to capture the liminal moments between things. There's a feeling that narrative is suspended, that something has just happened or is about to.

A door is partway open, the back of a head is glimpsed in a hallway, two figures in a car are seen on their way to places unknown.

Seen another way, "Liminalities" captures the detritus of cultural overflow. These found images suggest our cultural preoccupations. A short list might include cars, beds, and big windows, occupied by concerned-looking couples or loners.

Pigment prints on watercolor paper, 22"


"Liminalities" is a 20 page, 6" x 8", full-color book, available for $19 (including tax and shipping) through PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

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of "Liminalities"