gary duehr

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What are the faces of modern American politics?

Come election year, the fans fill hockey rinks and high school gyms, convention halls and state fair arenas. They follow one candidate or another, true believers with a dose of fanaticism. They pump the air, they chant "USA USA!," they grab selfies with their leader, they wave flags and stomp the floor and bellow through bullhorns.

Based on news photos of the crowds at campaign events, these images use models to recreate the fans' behavior, isolating it under bright studio lights. Here, one or two at a time, we can examine their gestures and expressions as a social psychologist might.

We can survey their colorful getups, look them in the eye for a trace of craziness, and feel their mixture of exhilaration and earnestness. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and a little bit frightening.


Pigment prints, 22" x 28", 2016.